Hans-Jürgen Jakobs

Senior Editor, Handelsblatt

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs, born in 1956, is an economist and one of Germany's renowned business journalists. He worked for the "Spiegel", among others, and was head of the online edition and the business editorial department of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". Since 2013 he has held various positions at the Handelsblatt publishing group, until 2015 he was editor-in-chief of the "Handelsblatt" and now senior editor. Most recently, he wrote the highly acclaimed book "Whom does the world belong to? The balance of power in global capitalism". In autumn 2016, he moderated an event on the future of Europe as part of the TUM Speakers Series.

As part of the TUM SPEAKERS SERIES, he moderated an event on the future of Europe in the autumn of 2016 and gave a talk on the inauguration of the U.S. president in January 2021.